Hello, I just want to ask something. Is anyone free to read even though they dont have an account? If yes, how? 


Hi, thank you for sending us your question. Yes, everyone and anyone is free to read stories shared on our website even though they have no account. The only thing you have to do is go to the ‘discover’ section to find books that may interest you or choose the theme and genre that you like the most so the website can provide you options of books you prefer. You also have the option to search for the title or the author of the book you like.  


Is it possible to comment on stories even though I have no account? 


Thank you for sending your messages. We apologize but no, it is not possible to leave a comment on any stories or works especially if the user has no account. 


How do I create my own account on this website? 


Thank you so much for asking us. If you want to create your own account, just simply click the ‘register’ button provided on the page. It will immediately bring you to a page where you can just fill out the information needed to finish setting up an account for you. 


Hi, I am new to this website and I just find it very interesting. Im just wondering if it is at all possible to create your own story but delete it afterward if needed. If yes, how? 


Hello, thank you for the interest in our website and for sharing us your question. Yes, it is possible to make your story and delete it as well anytime you want. Just go to your work, click the settings and find the ‘delete story’ option. If you click it, the website will send you verifications and confirmations.