About Us 

 Anarchy Books was founded a few years ago by a writer who actually wanted to create an organization at first. However, the planning for the creation of an organization was just not easy to do all by herself so she decided to create a website instead. In the year 2009, Anarchy Books was created only to share book reviews and blogs. But the writer found that she wanted to do something more than just that. After two years, more people came to help her improve the website. The readers and users were very happy about the changes and new functionalities even though they were surprised at the sudden change. 


The website then became a place for many people to access the latest books. It also lets anyone who wants to be a part of the group to create their own account. At first, people were confused as to how they should use the website but when the writer herself started to create her own works alongside with those who helped her, that’s when people started reading on the website itself. More people learned about it and started writing their own creations while other became their readers. Writers can become readers and readers can become writers. That’s how the website works and people find it entertaining. 


Up until now, Anarchy Books still continues to welcome many people who want to be a part of their world. It became a place where everyone has their own freedom to create whatever they like and read whatever they desire. The group only hopes that more people can help them improve their services but nonetheless, they want the users to enjoy the time that they spend on this website. They are very happy to know that the writer’s desire to create a place for every readers and writer out there became a success.